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To God Be The Glory For It All

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Hidden Treasures In God's Word
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I hope this sample for the book will
be a blessing to you.

To Make A Rainbow

Welcome to Inspired Faith Poetry, Inspirational Poetry By Dorothy J. Jones. I am so pleased to be able to share my poems and songs with you here.

I have been writing poems and songs since eight years old, but only became serious about them at about age fourteen or fifteen. Mostly I still kept these to myself until 1958 when I began to have opportunities to share with others.

Some of my poems have been published in the book Healing Words, Inspirational Poems, Hidden Treasures In God's Word, in newspaper articles, and I have appeared on several Christian talk shows as well.

I feel so blessed to be able to share these writings which God has inspired, and it is my humble prayer that you will find some healing or inspiration to take with you from this website and the writings available.

New Book Release Hidden Treasures In God's Word Available Now For Purchase.

Hidden Treasures In God's Word
God gave mankind many treasures, but the greatest treasure of all was and in his word. For out of his word comes wisdom, knowledge, and an abundant supply of spiritual and physical blessings and revelations while we live ...












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